Install for Digital Marketing

Pay per install is a prising model in which sponsors pay for each introduce their promotion campaign generates. CPI is the cost per install and refers to the amount an advertiser pays per install of their app on a mobile device.

Pay per install is method when you pay users for incentive downloads.

There are downloads of 2 types:

Direct (by package id and keyword installs) :
This is a very effective way to promote your app as it’s very hard for new apps to start getting enougn downloads. 
Stay on top positions in ranks. You can find such installs on different platforms such as ASo Tool

Pay-per-introduce programs work by introducing outsider offers and notices during the establishment interaction. Clients are given the choice to introduce – or not to introduce – these projects. Assuming a client decides to introduce the outsider program, the engineer brings in cash.

Each download addresses an open door, and every change implies cash. It’s no big surprise this adaptation strategy has become so normal: huge downloads implies large cash. On the off chance that you acquire just $1 (and you can procure more) per change, envision the number of downloads and transformations you really want to get a good stream of pay every month.

Main Focus which Types of Paid marketing ?

1. Pay Per Click
2. Pay per Install
3. PPV Or CPV- Pay Per View or cost per view