The Racket is the important piece of equipment in badminton. The type of badminton racket helps you maximize your performance on the court and you should choose to match your playing ability. You should follow this important guide to choosing badminton Racket.

Badminton Racket

➤ Weight of the Racket :

The heaviness of the racket is normally indicated by “U”; the more modest the number, the heavier the heaviness of the badminton racket. A good badminton racket for weights around 80g to 100g. The best Badminton weight should be between 85g to 89g (3U). These rackets are usually easier to control.

Racket weight

UNIT weight
   1U95 – 100g
2U90 – 94g
3U 85 – 89g
4U80 – 84g
Racket weight

 ➤ Hand Grip:

You should also keep in mind of Handgrip of the Racket which factors affect  the grip of a racket

 1. Size of Badminton grips Player Grips favoured Players who favor a more tight feel to produce more power. Players that like to utilize trickery in their games will incline toward more modest grasps as it takes into account better mobility.
2. Type of Badminton grips – There are two types of badminton grips

A. Towel Grips : Towel grips are milder and really great for retaining sweat. This makes them inclined to collect microorganisms and microbes. In that capacity, towel grasps will require regular substitution contrasted with manufactured grips.

B. synthetic grips : synthetic grips are smooth and less muddled. This makes it less comfortable..Because of its unfortunate sweat ingestion capacity.

➤ Perfect Balance Point :

Aside from weight, rackets can be arranged by their adjusting point. The heaviness of the racket is generally found. To decide the kind of equilibrium your racket has, place a finger only somewhat beneath the top of the racket to see what direction the racket slants.

1.Even Balance – This kind of badminton rackets is great for all-rounder players and gives an extreme feel and adaptability
2.Head – Light Balance – These badminton rackets are great for those players who play at the nets
3.Head – Heavy Balance – This sort of badminton rackets helps in giving more power in your crushes

➤ String Tension :

Test the pressure of a racket by squeezing your palm against the strings and perceive how far it sinks. A 1mm indented profundity of the strings is the best pressure for most players. Multifilament strings are engineered, famous and tough.

String Tension

   1. When you are an advanced player, you should utilize high Tension Badminton Rackets. Players can secure get their Rackets hung at high Tension of 25 lbs.

   2. when you are a beginner player, you should be have low Tension in your badminton Rackets. Beginners should be procure their badminton Racket strung at low Tension either around 18-20 lbs.

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