Quite possibly the most difficult thing is the means by which to pick a cricket bat as per your batting skills. An ideal cricket bat can expand your batting abilities and execution in that specific game so during playing a good cricket we should have to pick an ideal cricket bat. Above all beginners can’t understand the distinction between bats they have no information about bat except the fact that it’s understood. Know How to Choose Best Cricket Bat ?

Best Cricket Bat

There are various kinds of cricket bats for various fields in cricket. For instance, Tennis cricket has its own tennis bats. Furthermore, the people who play with the leather balls have the thicker bats.

Cricket is a specialized game that generally boils down to the players having the best equipment. In any case, how would you approach picking a cricket bat? With every one of the various brands and types out there, it very well may overpower.

1. Cricket Bats Size :

Bats Size

To play cricket at a global level first and the most important thing is bat size as per your body. The right size will help you create a cricket field. A bat ought not to be longer or not any more weighty than your body weight.

To give you a thought, individuals going from 5’3″ to 5’5″ typically utilize a size 6 bat while individuals more than 6′ as a rule utilize a long handle (LH) size bat.

For junior players under 15, height is a more important issue. At this stage, they are as yet developing and the length of the bat needs cautious thought.

Cricket bat size Age of PlayerHeight of batsmenLength Of BatWidth Of bat
full size 12-14 year5ft 5″ to 5ft 8″32 3/4 inch4 1/6 inch
full size (short handle)15+ year5ft 8″ to 6ft 3″32 1/2 inch4 1/4 inch
full size (long handle)15+ year 6ft 3″and above32 1/2 inch4 1/4 inch

2.Cricket  Bat weight :

Other than length, bat weight it a critical element that can have to affect your game. Heavier bats are tougher and can have a greater amount of an effect ready. The expanded weight, nonetheless, can be more enthusiastically for certain players to deal with.

The cricket bat’s sharp edge is generally produced using willow wood (either English or Kashmir willow) and this cycle has stayed unaltered for quite a long time. While different materials might have been tried, willow is the one wood that has the getting through to endure the assignment of hitting a cricket ball year in, year out.

3. Cricket Bat grain :

What do genuine cricket bat grains mean? Grain lines on the substance of the bat it shows the age of the willow. While purchasing a cricket bat you ought to perceive the number of grains on your cricket bat. Grain is something small to see in your cricket bat yet it’s exceptionally important to be aware for all cricketers and cricket lovers. I hope you know that How to Choose Best Cricket Bat ?

Bat grain

4.  Cricket Bat handle Type :

Cricket Bat Handles is connected to the body of the bat through a carpentry joint called a graft, basically a V-formed plug. Sarawak sticks are utilized in handle alongside elastic, plug or a combination of both and embedded in the sawn focus and stuck together. Then they are placed into machines and transformed into essential handle shapes like round handles and oval handles.

Oval handles are solid and give you incredible directional control of the bat. A disadvantage is that certain individuals find it difficult to grasp. Typically, the lead hand winds up with a large portion of the control with oval handle bats.

Round handle bats make it simpler to control with both the top and the base hand. This is significant for players who flick their wrists while batting. It’s additionally simpler to get a solid hold with round handles, which is fundamental for power hitters.

5. Cricket Bat Grips :

Cricket Bat Grips are fundamental for the general feel of a cricket bat. It permits the batsman to have full control of the sharp edge. In this manner, a batsman should change his cricket bat hold occasionally when there are clear indications of mileage.

Major types of cricket bat hold accessible are

  •     Chevron holds or crisscross grasp
  • Octopus hold
  • Fish scale hold
  • Plain hold or Diamond grasp

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