Secure your skates correctly

You believe that your skates should be cozy and secure; this will help you with feeling steady and consistent on the ice

Warm-up Slowly

Preceding skating, it’s not exactly wise to simply toss your leg over a barrier and begin stretching.

Try not to look down while skating

It tends to be extremely enticing to take a gander at your feet when you’re ice skating, but looking down can really make things more difficult and a bit more dangerous.

Try not to incline in reverse

The best guidance is to keep your knees twisted and your weight forward.

Get some good skates

If you’re stepping out interestingly, then recruit skates available at most focuses will be fine.

Try not to go over the seriously

Try not to go over seriously with yourself or your skating, all things considered, even the best end up on their backs every once in a while.

Keep the guidelines of the rink

One of the most important of these is to skate in the correct direction; at Norwich Ice Rink this is clockwise

Twist your knees for balance

To help you perfect your posture on the ice, twist your knees somewhat and put your arms out to consistent yourself.

Relax and appreciate

Ice skating is all in with having some good times, so regardless of anything else ensure you relax and enjoy in your experience on the ice

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