Are You want to purchase your dream car in this year ? World Most Popular plug – in electric car with worldwide which is upcoming Electric Car 2023.

Upcoming Electric Car 2023

1. Lucid Sapphire (Start From $1,54,000 )

The maker Guarantee that the Air Sapphire is the world’s most memorable completely electric luxury super-sports car. The Sapphire is probably the most exciting EV set for launch in 2023. Grand Touring perfoemance the world’s second most powerful sedan.

Features :

  • a Top speed in Excess of 200 mph
  • more than 1200 horsepower
  • Blue-colores megawatt drive unit

2. Chevrolet silverado EV (start From $ 39000)

The Silverado EV is a standard electric truck that can seat up to 5 Passengers — the first of its sort by General Engines. Not typically what you think of truck but silverado Ev isn’t just a truck.

The Silverado EV will initially be available in two trims: the WT (or Work Truck), and the RST First Edition.

Features :

  • 400 Mile Range
  • GM estimated on a full charge
  • Over 660 Hp with wide open watts
  • Up to 14 available camera view

3. Chevrolet Blazer EV ( Start From $ 47,595 )

Chevrolet Overcoat EV is general moter first mass market forey into the fundamental electric SUV portion. the Blazer EV uses the very Ultium stage that supports those models, as well as the upcoming Silverado EV.

Features :

  • 557 hp amd up to 648 Ib ft of torque
  • Offset with 19 inch wheels
  • Three different drive unit
  • 320 miles on single charge in RS trim

4. Tesla Cybertruck (start From $ 39900 )

The Tesla Cybertruck appears as though it was dropped off by an extraterrestrial society, yet it has the abilities to challenge all of the top-selling pickup trucks. With a sharp-edged outside that is made of clearance-safe treated steel, Tesla’s all-electric truck is genuinely tough . Exclusive performance AWD system with one of most popular body style in america.

Features :

  • Three motor model
  • 6.4 – foot cargo bed offers 100 cubic feet of volume
  • big 17-inch touchscreen
  • No complimentary scheduled maintenance