That is a question that must responded to by every individual parent like should my kids really need a smartwatch. However, it merits knowing a portion of the rewards of giving your children a smartwatch. A few children’s smartwatches have a GPS, so you can monitor where they are. There may be an informing capability as well, so you can contact your children whenever.

Many kids smartwatches engaged of active work — they really urge kids to get up and move. Children can check their step count for the afternoon or get a suggestion to remain standing for a couple of moments. However the best time part is effectively the on-screen festivity when an everyday movement or rest objective is met. Settings can change in the parent application, yet having a youngster set their own cautions or observe their own action guidelines could an extraordinary method for taking on some responsibility. Some watches permit you to set updates for things like homework, cleaning their teeth, or sleep time. you will get more detail about kids trends.

Smartwatches don’t need to be only for adults; as a matter of fact, there is currently a scope of smartwatch models available that take special care of a more youthful audience, a few contribution games and learning improvement, which can be an obvious motivation to put resources into some wearable tech for when they’re in a hurry.

5 Best smartwatches for your kids


A few guardians are properly mindful of giving their children smartphone. It opens up an entire universe of safety concerns — digital tormenting, unnecessary screen time, and those dull corners of the web that simply aren’t kid friendly. However, that doesn’t mean you need to remove your kids from smart tech.

1. FITBIT ACE 3 (best smartwatch for kids ):


  • Best for Fitness tracking and style
  • No GPS
  • No Water resistant
  • 8 Days Battery life

Why should Buy ?

+ Great battery life
+ Soft, super durable strap
+ Responsive touchscreen
+ Makes exercise and healthy habits fun

Why should avoid ?

-Not many games
-Black and white screen

2. Angel Watch (best for Sos calls):

The Angel Watch is a kids GPS tracker, health tracker, and phone service moved into one. We’re impressing with the Angel Watch’s SOS element and love that it enables guardians to monitor their children without intruding on them. Ideal for youngsters with exceptional necessities could require some additional affection from far while finding their freedom.

Why should Buy ?

+ Geofencing and GPS tracking
+ Parent-controlled call list
+ SOS button
+ Video calling
+ Vital sign readings

Why should avoid ?

– Doesn’t work well with all service providers
– No games

3. VTech Kidizoom DX2

The way that Fitbit and Garmin have cut out a space in the youngster wearable market was normal, yet what might shock you is the means by which VTech figured out how to keep both large names on their run by focusing on the stuff kids truly care about: games and videos. If the smartwatch for your kid is intending to be a genuine source of diversion — as in something that will keep them sufficiently occupied to quit requesting an iPad — the VTech Kidizoom DX2 will be your child’s new most loved toy. The individual in question can utilize the touchscreen to swipe through north of 50 simple and digital watch appearances and silly selfie channels, take recordings, or play one of the five games. The 256MB stockpiling can hold 1,600 photographs or 11 one-minute recordings.

Why should Buy ?

–  Age: 4+
– Battery life: 2 weeks
– Sleep tracking: No

Water resistance: Splash-proof, but shouldn’t be submerged

The good for you 
Front and back camera Storage to save memories Great kids content 55 watch faces for learning to tell time

Why should avoid ?

– No daily task settings

4. Kurio V 2.0

Specification :

Ages: 6+
3 days Battery life
No Sleep tracking
No Water resistance

Why should Buy ?

  • Pre-loaded apps Camera for photos and video Messaging Interchangeable watch straps

Why should avoid ?

  • Not compatible with iPhones Battery improved.

The Kurio V 2.0 smartwatch loaded with applications and games for moment tomfoolery, and even allows clients to take selfies and videos, play single and two-player games, message friends, pay attention to music, and that’s just the beginning. You can extend the memory to 32GB to store a monstrous scope of applications and media to keep your children involved. This smartwatch additionally accompanies a movement tracker, caution/stopwatch, calculator, and schedule. Guardians might in fact add imperative data like blood classification and sensitivities for crises. Kids get to pick a watch face and backdrop, and it is not difficult to trade groups. The included bonus band changes variety on your child’s wrist as their temperature rises, which is cool.


water resistant
1 year Battery life

Why should Buy ?

+Character options from Marvel and Disney
+1-year battery life
+Swim proof
+Parents can manage goals

Why should Avoid ?

-Child could grow out of character-Screen could be brighter
-Screen could be brighter

The Garmin Vivo Jr 3 isn’t simply a fitness tracker for youngsters. A convenient wearable opens games and adventures when matched with a mobile application, which should get each smaller than expected habitual slouch rolling and enjoyment constantly in a hurry kids too.