4 best and new Hidden Features of Google pay

In 7th Google for India virtual event, Mountain view giant announced large new features which is upcoming on its UPI based payment system. This is amazing New Hidden Features of Google pay.

1. Bill split feature in Groups

This Feature supports you to split of your all expences of launch, trip or anyother with your friends and Family. You will see the Split an expense button.

2. Hinglish Languages option

In india more than 350 million people use hinglish to communicate in their daily life. Google pay provide hinglish languages option in this app.

3. Use voice to input Account numbers

Best option with microphone icon in account number, you need to only tap and speak account number in english or Hindi. Now you don’t need to type account number in multiple time.

4. Myshop on Google Pay Business

Gpay Introduce Myshop features on google pay for all types of business with upload product image and detail to create online store and make simpler business.

Google Pay will now let you know if there are offers or rewards available for your next purchase. You can now use Google Pay to book a table at a restaurant directly from the app. To use the new feature, users need to have the latest version of the app and they need to be signed in with their Google account.The app will now also show you nearby transit options and help you plan your journey. Google Pay will now let you know if your bank is offering any cashback or discounts on certain transactions.