Here are some differents between Google Admob and Adpumb both are best and provide high eCPM to increase revenue. This is minor Differents between Google Admob and Adpumb.

Google Admob :

Google admob is a platform provided by google for monetizing mobile apps. Admob allow developers to monetize their apps by displaying ads from Google’s extensive ad nework

Adpumb is an application monetization and promotion mediation stage that helps application distributors in becoming their application organizations by utilizing versatile and successful methods

Revenue and Payment

Google admob payment transfer on 21st on each month. The Minimum requirement of payment is 100$.

AdPumb Payment transfer 30days after the end of the month. for next day payment adpumb offers 5% extra fee.

Minimum Traffic Requirement

In google admob , minimum trafiic not required. while in Adpumb have minimum 10000 DAU required.

eCPM & ads Fill Rates

Google admob Provide higher eCPMs and fill rates compared to other network with consistency. Adpumb has also higher eCPMS and 99.99 % fill rates which is better than google admob.

Optimization and Mediation

google admob has limited optimization potential floor setting and required all manually with published effort. Adpumb, autopilot mediation which handles optimization, giving publishers peace of mind.

Google Admob is perfect for getting everything rolling, except adpumb is for additional accomplished developers attempting to increase their profit.