Podcast hosting is not quite the same as site hosting on the grounds that it offers explicit instruments built to optimize the endorser experience. This is best podcast hosting platform 2022.

A few organizations have been around long time and new ones are springing up constantly.

The good news is whether you’re looking to begin a digital broadcast. Save money or move to a superior hosting stage – we take care of you!

When you’re looking to start a podcast. They’ll have to join with a podcast hosting organization to store. Your mp3s and make your podcast feed. When you start a site or blog you really want a web have. You start a podcast you really want a media have.

In this article, we’ll analyse the best podcast hosting organizations that you can use. A large number of them are free and some charge a little expense since they offer better help and instruments

There are various digital podcast hosting stages and it tends to be challenging to choose which one to go with… We have explored, tried, and connected with individuals at each organization to find which plateform is best for your necessities.

1. Buzzsprout

BuzzSprout boasts of automatic optimization tools. Simply transfer your podcast and the platform will figure out the rest. The help automatically submits your uploaded podcasts to the top indexes relying upon the publishing plan you’ve defined.


The stage offers the choice to add part markers. This is a superb choice for getting sorted out your podcast. Chapter markers give audience members the choice to rapidly hop between specific portions of the episode relying upon their advantage.

One of the most intriguing choices of BuzzSprout is the capacity to add pre-and post-roll portions. This implies that you can undoubtedly add refreshed and important substance. Adverts to the start and end of the new. Yet recently published podcasts.

You’re searching for a generally excellent podcasting stage, I would suggest Buzzsprout. They offer supportive free learning material that assists you with started, alongside amazing assets that assist you with making the most out of your podcast. Their client service is likewise one more in addition to while utilizing Buzzsprout. They are my generally #1 decision while you’re making a podcast.

2. Podbean


Podbean is the best podcast hosting specialist organization available. They offer unlimited podcast hosting plans with unlimited transmission capacity.

Incorporates wonderful plan instruments to have your site with customizable themes. You can effectively install the Podbean podcast player straightforwardly into your WordPress posts and pages.


– Dynamic ad insertion.

– Available Mobile app.

– Auto-uploads to YouTube.

– Patreon program to accept recurring revenue from listeners.

– Auto-posting to social media like Facebook and Twitter.


Captivate pitches itself for those hoping to develop and adapt their podcast. It’s natural point of interaction. This permits fast admittance to the generally utilized capacities without jumbling the screen. It should engage new and experienced podcaster the same.


Perhaps the best thing about Captivate is that it empowers you to have a unlimited number of shows. There are no restrictions on transfers and the extra room too. All things considered, Captivate limits accounts by the quantity of downloads.

The stage additionally offers complete examination to assist you with following the range of your shows. As a matter of fact, one of the most incredible known highlights of Captivate is the ‘A single tick support pitch’ creation device that orders the investigation information into a well designed PDF media pack. This incorporates every one of the critical measurements and investigation about your pocast. Basically, all the data expected to assist you with adapting your podcast.

captivate offers a few other development and monetization instruments. There’s the ‘Suggestions to take action’ highlight that you can use to embed two custom connections in the podcast player, for example, to your Pateron page.

Key features

– Collaborate with unlimited team members available for all plans.

– Monitor the performance of your show using its IAB-certified statistics and analytics.

– Link to popular podcast players like Overcast to expand your show’s reach and get more subscribers to i

– Promote your CTAs onto your podcast player to help you increase conversions.

4. Blubrry

Blubrry offers flexible podcast hosting plans for new and experienced podcasters the same. They offer a well known WordPress podcasting module called PowerPress which makes it super-simple to deal with a podcast directly from your WordPress site.


Utilizing Blubrry with PowerPress makes it simple to upload your podcast episodes directly to your podcast facilitating supplier. It likewise permits you to effectively present your podcast to Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

This makes your podcasts effectively discoverable on Google Home, Assistant, and Google Podcast application on Android device.

Blubrry likewise offers adaptation choices, podcast insights, social sharing elements, and that’s just the beginning.

Key features :

-Includes free WordPress site on all plans.

-Customize embeddable podcast players on your site pages or social media feed.

-Publish your podcasts and distribute their episodes from your WordPress site using the PowerPress plugin.

5. Spreaker


Spreaker is an all inclusive resource for podcasters. From novices simply getting everything rolling to distributers creating lots of content, Spreaker has an answer for making any podcasters venture a smooth and beneficial one.

lots of dpodcast hosting destinations out there are stacked with highlights that you probably won’t require. Spreaker keeps things very straightforward by offering the fundamental highlights in return for marginally cheaper section plans.

The podcasting stage associates audience members, podcast makers, and sponsors in a single spot (both web and mobile applications) and makes it truly simple for a substance maker to adapt their whole podcast catalog.