After Long time Summer period Monsoon time are arrived. The monsoon season brings with it a host of health issues for us. At that time How can we stay healthy during monsoons? I have 7 Healthy tips for you to stay healthy during this monsoon season.

“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.” — Bill Watterson

There are following tips you shold follow. This is 7 healthy tips to stay healthy this monsoon.

1. Keep yourself very much hydrated

diry water

The Monsoon season can prompt lack of hydration. In this manner, remaining hydrated during the monsoon is an unquestionable necessity to keep the body in top shape and ward off occasional infections as well. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water as well as with healthy refreshments, for example, nimbu paani or natural product smoothies. As such, you can likewise guarantee the utilization of the supplements.

2.Keep away from Street Food

street food

Street food is delectable and continuously appealing. Be that as it may, one necessities to place health first in the rainy season and try not to eat road food. The front-end of your road food counter may be clean yet we are not completely certain about the cooking region and the quality of the fixings utilized. Indeed, these focuses turn out as expected during all seasons yet we should be additional wary in the storm on account of the health chances related with it. It is smarter to depend on home-prepared food rather than road food during the rainy.

3. Drink clean and pure water

Drinking water, regardless of whether somewhat defiled can cause serious medical issues like jaundice, typhoid, and so forth.

Sicknesses like cholera and diarrhea bowels are very wild during this season. There for critical that you drink clean drinking water. guarantee that your water you drink clean drinking water. Avoid drinking water from obscure spots.If you are travell convey your own water fight or purchase purified struggled water.

4. Care for your Fruits and vegetables

Prefer toward clean, newly prepared food while eating outside. During the monsoon, you genuinely must completely scour your leafy foods under running water since microorganisms live on the skins of fruits and vegetables. Try not to eat crude cut freash fruits/mixed greens from road merchants no one can really tell how well they have been washed and cleaned.

5. Try not to Walk in Dirty Water

Strolling in dirty water can open your feet to infections and bacteria. Attempt to try not to step into the puddles of water out and about. Assuming you end up stepping in one, change your footwear quickly on arriving at home. Keeping a couple of shoes and socks at your work environment is likewise really smart.

6. Exercise and Yoga


As monsoon accompanies sprinkling precipitation and shower which could deters the work-out daily schedule. Yet, following an alternative activity program inside home can be the best, one can attempt not many  stretch activities to utilize muscles, for example, sit-ups, knee and midsection twists and so on, or even attempt yoga, which is supposed to be one more strategy for work out. Yoga relaxed the body and can easily perform indoor.

During monsoon, it is useful in decreasing and restoring respiratory issues. These are the ways of exercise during monsoon be that as it may, imagine a scenario where you don’t want to do work out. You can basically begin cleaning your cupboard, shelves or kitchen. It will provide you with an identical advantage of doing exercise and can help in keep up with cleanliness.

7. Have home green tea

Herbal tea made using different spices and flavors like tulsi, cinnamon, ginger, and so forth is comforting during the rainy season. High in cancer prevention agents, against bacterial and mitigating properties this warm and reviving tea helps support your immunity, wards occasional contaminations off and calm your digestion.

8. Keeping mosquitoes under control


During the rainy season, water might get gathered in little pools in the city, yards, porch, and so on. These spots become the favorable places for the mosquitoes that convey the gamble of numerous serious sicknesses like dengue and jungle fever. Keep your environmental factors clean, screen your windows and use mosquito anti-agents whenever required.

9. Hand hygiene is pivotal

Wash or disinfect your hands carefully before you eat something when you are away from home and after you return home. Practising great hand cleanliness kills practically all organisms that might exist on the skin of your hands and as we probably are aware, the number of harmful in destructive microorganisms grows during the monsoon.

10. Stay away from sickness people

Since many people contract this season’s virus or normal cold during the monsoon, you must be additional caution. While you are traveling, ensure you reduce most, if not all, connection with apparently debilitated individuals so respiratory particles from them don’t enter your system.